Heavy duty lifting services, Colac

When you need a big machine for some heavy duty lifting, Colac Mobile Cranes are the reliable and experienced team to call on. As a trusted provider of Colac lifting services, our heavy duty fleet can handle any big jobs, taking the hassle off your hands when it comes to moving large loads.

The heavy lifting services Colac Mobile Cranes provide will accommodate a range of clients, from the manufacturing or building sector shifting heavy construction materials, to emergency response call outs for traffic incidents or hazard removal. Our team also takes care of panel erection in Colac and surrounding areas, with a machine that can lift the heavier precast panels and pipes used in many construction projects. Put simply, for any heavy lifting, Colac Mobile Cranes has you covered, with a range of crane hire options for Colac and district that will get the job done efficiently and to the highest standard.

In addition to heavy material lifting services, Colac Mobile Cranes can take care of any heavy haulage with our truck-mounted cranes for hire. We can shift large vehicles or construction equipment, as well as farming equipment or wide cargo.

Call or visit our Colac yard and chat about any heavy duty lifting Colac Mobile Cranes can help you with.